Ayeim Future Vision Delhi offers the following courses on Astrology on regular basis.

This is a basic course in astrology and is for beginners. This course is meant to teach fundamental of astrology to the novice students of astrology. In this we teach an introduction to astrology, astronomy, casting of horoscopes, brief description of signs, planets and houses and brief analysis of horoscope.


Astronomy : The solar system, stars, planets the outer and inner orbit Chhaya Grehas, earth, equator, latitude, longitude, ecliptic, equatorial, circle, eclipses, Uttrayan and Dakshinayan (declination of Sun), Retrograde and direct motion of planets, planetary motions, Rising and setting of planets, changes of seasons, significations and characteristics of 12 signs, Nakshatras, their importance and use in Predicitive Astrology, Calendars Lunar and solar, Panchang, its uses to find out tithi, paksha, and month to know nakshatra, yog and karan of a day.


Mathematical Astrology: Time Measures, War Time corrections Standard time local time and Greenwich mean time Sunrise and Sun set calculations of sideral time, Ayanmsha, Calculations of mid and starting points of houses, longitudes of planets, Casting of horoscopes, ascendant and chlit, Dasha and bhukti calculations of vimshotari, ashtotari and yogini dashas, Calculations of casting of divisional horoscopes (shodasvargas,) duration of day and night, Rahu kaal.


PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY: Planets, Characteristics, natural friendship, Temporary friendship, Exalted and Debilitation signs and degrees of planets, the mooltrikona and own signs of planets and their degrees, enemies, 12 houses and their significations Avastha (state) of planets, aspects of planets, kendra, trikona, trik, trishaday, apachaya and upachaya, yogas, special yogas formed by Sun and Moon, Panshmahapurush yoga, wealth and Rajyogas (by lords of kendra, Trikona, sthir karkas malefic and benefic planets (natural).

Sadhesati and its effects.

MAHURAT: Tithis, types of tithi, types of Nakshatras Tara, Maas, Adimaas, Kshya Maas in brief.

This course is offered to the students who have successfully completed the Jyotish Bhushan course or to the students who have some basic knowledge of astrology. In this we teach the basic principles of interpretation, health, wealth, business, profession career, marriage and how to predict. Detailed course is given on further pages in the prospectus.


1. Practical Astrology Yogas - Combinations, variety of yogas, NABAS yoga General Judgement of 12 houses Dasa results interpretation (Vimshotari)


2. Mathematical Astrology Shadbala - Calculation of Shadbala Astakvargas and their applications.


3. Astrology for general utility Mahurat Horoscope Matching & Manglik Dosha Laghu Parashari

This is a research oriented course and admission to this course is offered to students who have passed Jyotish Bhushan and Jyotish Alankar courses and also to the practicing astrologers who are interested in research and want to learn the finer techniques of predictions in astrology. This course is meant for those astrologers who know astrology and are practicing it but not strong in forecasting or predict well. As this programme is meant only for practical exercises, there will be only one class in week.


  • Collections of data and research.
  • To formulate new principle.
  1. Health: Structure of body, Disease, Time of disease duration of disease different diseases.
  2. Profession: Combinations of Govt. Or Non Govt. Jobs, Time of joining a job, combinations of independent business. Time of starting a business.
  3. Education: Normal and professional education, higher education, duration of studies, selection of course and profession by planetary position.
  4. Marriage-Children: Early marriage, delays in marriage, no marriage, multiple marriage, Extra marital relations, Blissful combination for children, problem by children, combination for adopting a child.


Examinations are conducted at the end of each semester/course. A student has to secure at least 40% marks to pass the exams. Successful students will be given certificates.


At present classes for all courses are being held at Ayeim Future Vision Delhi NCR , Contact 9891246332